Nomination guidelines:

  • Any playgroup can nominate
  • Playgroups can nominate in multiple categories, but will need to complete the relevant nomination forms for that category.
  • Playgroup Victoria staff cannot be nominated or complete a nomination form.
  • No late nominations can be accepted
  • All components of the nomination form must be completed

Key dates: 

Nominations open: Thursday 24 August
Nominations close: Friday 6 October

Nomination instructions:

  • The nomination form will ask you to explain how your playgroup demonstrates the seven playgroup principles. Read about these here before you begin your nomination.
  • Online nomination forms must be completed in one sitting
  • Your nomination must include a photo.
  • If you would like a copy of the nomination form in Microsoft Word format please contact

To nominate, click the relevant button below to access the nomination form.

Button--Community-Playgroup-of-the-Year-1-4-sessions-Metro   Button--Community-Playgroup-of-the-Year-RegionalRural   Button--Community-Playgroup-Leader-of-the-Year

Button-Community-Playgroup-of-the-Year-5+   Button--Supported-playgroup-of-the-year   Button--Supported-Playgroup-Faciliator-of-the-Year